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I was invited as a guest on this podcast to talk about what The Hippie Banker is all about. I am way more naturally inclined to be on the other side of this table, doing the questioning! But Sheng and Tabitha are such fun and comfortable people to be around, allowing the floodgates to open […]

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I LOVE Elephant Journal. I’ve been reading articles here for the past 10+ years. It was a real source of knowledge and inspiration as I navigated my 30s, and it still is to this day. In 2019, I began writing for Elephant Journal, which felt like a dream come true. See Published Articles

Create a Mindset Plan

Creating a Mindset Plan for your Business is foundational to my coaching practice. Although I don’t walk every single one of my clients through this process, I pull pieces from it all the time. It takes Mindset from an inspirational Ted Talk to real world application. This workshop was given as a part of the […]