My mission is to… help women explore their spiritual paths through the lens of entrepreneurship.


I started coaching because…

starting a business is much like starting a new relationship. We see the potential and what the future could look like, and it looks AMAZING! But then reality sets in, and it’s a lot harder than we thought it was going to be. We can see on paper how to do both; but for many of us, we end up becoming our own worst enemy and we’re never able to really get the business we want.

Through my own experiences starting a business and working with my clients, I’ve found that the entrepreneurial path is ripe for personal and spiritual growth –
and I’m here to support my clients along their paths.

I can help with


Making sure the choices you make about your business stay in alignment with the intentions you set for your business, and yourself.


Navigating all of the aspects of starting or growing a company from a business, financial, and spiritual vantage point. Find less stress and more joy throughout the process.


Clear out all the crap that is holding you back, pull down all the thoughts swimming in your head, and help you see what your own success could look like, and how you will get there.

A little more about me

I am a huge proponent of taking solo retreats! This is a photo from a solo retreat I took in 2018.

One of my favorite things to do is to see live music - Everwood Farmstead in West central Wisconsin.

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You don’t have to fight your battles alone.

I offer a free, no-pressure call to help you get some things off your chest and figure out if coaching will get you where you want to be.

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