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Women business owners face uphill battles in starting a business, including defying social expectations, attaining funding, confronting gender inequality, and in finding balance in our home and working lives.

The two biggest challenges women face in starting a business are access to financing and overcoming self doubt. Nearly two-thirds of men are confident they can start businesses, but less than half of women feel they have this capability. This is despite similar levels of education and experience. Women are 45% less likely to be approved for business loans, and when they are, funding is less and terms are worse than for men.

With so many barriers, is it any wonder why we struggle to succeed in business?

I’m here to help even your odds, and to show you how to make that business idea a reality by developing your professional skills and business mindset.

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Part banker. Part hippie.
All about your goals.

My journey to business ownership started in banking – and after years of paying my dues I realized something was missing. I was missing. I needed to find the balance for me, in my professional and personal lives. I did – and in doing so started helping other women business owners find balance and business success. I’d rediscovered my “inner hippie” – a holistic approach to business and life that I use now to help others discover their own.

After all – business ownership should mean freedom and self-actualization. Not fear, frustration, and impassible obstacles.

You don’t have to feel alone in your business anymore. I help women business owners navigate our unique challenges in business ownership and life – because I’ve been there too.

How we can work together

Get Founded

One on one guidance through every step of the process, utilizing a mindset plan for your business to guide discussions and tasks; set monthly goals and be gently held accountable to them, with support; discover and overcome any personal fears and hurdles that are preventing you from reaching your goals.

Get Funded

Get the “unfair advantage” in applying for your business loan by having expert guidance through the entire process to improve your chances of getting approved, under fair rates and terms. Access to non-traditional financing options; insider knowledge to present a fully vetted application to lenders to avoid unnecessary denials; connections to lenders who want to work with small businesses and will respect your request and your business; peace of mind that you are getting the loan you deserve.

Get Grounded

Expert coaching to create a mindset plan for your business; explore growth opportunities for your business that feel good to both your head and your heart; understand the impact you want to make in the world and how your business helps you make it.

Free Consultation

Curious what we could accomplish together? Join me for a 100% FREE Coaching Consultation. Together, we’ll dig into the challenges you’re facing and determine if we’re a fit for each other.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m here to help, not waste your money. If it’s not a fit, I’ll refund your fee and help you find the right resource for you.

A few of the entrepreneurs I’ve worked with

I had a business plan – but needed guidance on where to begin to put things into motion. I loved a lot of things about my full-time position and frankly some deep-rooted fears about actually striking out on my own. Beth helped me to solidify my vision and values, organize my thoughts and critical initial steps. With Beth’s help, I launched my business much sooner than I thought was possible, and am feeling confident to weather the challenges and grow a successful business that delivers value and integrity.

– Mary Kante, Eau Claire Consulting

Working with Beth has been fantastic for my personal development and in helping me reframe and solve challenges within my business. I didn’t have somebody to unpack all of this with, and Beth is perfect if you want to work with a coach who will listen and help you make sense of things in a non-judgmental way.

– Laura Benjamin, Satellite Six

Being a business owner isn’t a walk in the park. Beth helped me sort out what was no longer working for my business and my life. She helped me make difficult decisions that ultimately led me to a more profitable sustainable business.

– Amanda Blattner, Tru Colours Salon

“Beth has a great way of getting to the second question; you know, the one that really gets to the heart of what is your true sticking spot or bottleneck. Her dedication to the entrepreneur is obvious as she takes the time to dive-in and work through those bottlenecks. Whether it’s people on your team, a situation, or you causing the issue; Beth works with you to expose it and find a solution. What makes Beth unique, is she does this all while keeping the big picture in mind. The solution isn’t just for the issue but also fits into the culture.”

– Nicole Sdao, Altruize

Working with Beth has been incredible! Organized religion has been a pain-point for me over the years, but working with Beth helped me see that ‘religion’ and ‘spirituality’ are two VERY different things. She helped uncover parts of me that have been hidden for a long time, and I’m still working though how much of a positive impact this will have on me and my business. If you have that little voice inside of you that is even hinting that this might be the right fit, LISTEN. I’m so grateful that I did.

-Emily Elsner Twesme, Bright Business Consulting

My Credentials

  • WholeBeing Institute Positive Psychology Coach

  • Economic Development Finance Professional Certification

  • United Way Certified Financial Coach

  • Wisconsin Bankers Association Commercial Lending School

  • Certified Peerspectives Roundtable Facilitator - Edward Lowe Foundation

  • Elephant Journal Writer’s Academy

  • Member at Béne Network

  • Ad Hoc Advisor - Wisconsin Small Business Development Center

  • Volunteer Coach - The Doyenne Group

  • Member at Women's Financial Wellness Center.

  • Certified Reiki Master

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